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This assemblage of example synonyms would not be complete, without listing some commonly employed synonyms which are related to the terms Size and Dimensions.

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Size | Mass

Nouns: MASS: a quantity of items amassed / SIZE: the amount of space occupied by an object

Synonyms for Size

size area bulk capacity diameter
dimensions expanse extent
girth -> Meaning: the distance around something, usually thick and round
-> Example: '... and coffee-cups without handles, but of great girth, are some of the objects that soon become familiar to strangers who wander in that part of France ...' (GORDON HOME)
heft . Meaning: a) the greater part of something b) weight, heaviness, importance, influence
. Example: '... (in) co-operation with The Economist, we attempted to estimate the total economic heft of the Catholic church in America ...' (published by The Economist)
height length magnitude mass
measure proportions spread volume weight

Synonyms for Mass

mass abundance amount array
assemblage . Meaning: a collection of things or people gathered together
. Example: '... there were occasional gusts of air seeping through the layers of tobacco smoke that hovered over the assemblage.' (Quote from Michael Sherman)
batch bulk block bunch cluster
collection couple crop crowd deal
heap host
hunk . Meaning: a large lump, piece, or portion
. Example: 'Pass me along another hunk of fish and some hot corn-bread.' (Quote from Mark Twain)
lion's share lot
magnitude . Meaning: great size or extent | the importance, quality, or caliber of something
. Example: 'Authorities agree that there is no such tremendous "layout" of snowy Alpine magnitude, grandeur, and sublimity to be seen from any other accessible point ...' (Quote from Mark Twain)
number parcel pile portion


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