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This collection of synonyms and antonyms also explains the meaning of synonyms to learn how to use them in in spoken words or writing. The meaning of synonyms is highly important in writing essays, papers, abstracts, etc. The selection of the words is centered mainly around words for communication, language and speech.

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Communication: Synonyms for words related to speech

assume • Meaning of these synonyms: To draw an inference on the basis of insufficient information / To lead to by logical reference:
• Example sentence: Don't tell me not to burn the candle on both ends; tell me how to get more wax.
conjecture fancy guess hint at
hypothesize imagine imply indicate infer
ponder posit postulate predict premise
presume presuppose reckon suppose speculate
surmise suspect test theorize think
discuss • Synonym Meaning: To speak with others about; talk over.
• Example sentence: So this hadn't to be discussed ad nauseam.
analyze annotate chat chatter
check chime in chin chitchat comment on
communicate conclude confabulate confer consult
converse continue debate deliberate discourse
evaluate inquire of meet negotiate palaver
parley pass judgment on powwow ramble on reason
review schmooze speak talk talk over
thrash out
thrash out • Example sentence: Don't thrash out serious problems with your boss just before lunch.
turn to wrangle
approve • Synonym Meaning: To speak with others about; talk over.
• Example sentence: So this hadn't to be discussed ad nauseam.
accede accept accord acknowledge
add admit affirm agree allow
avow assure concede concur confess
confirm consent grant permit praise
promise recommend sanction welcome yield
deny • Synonym Meaning: To indicate unwillingness to do, accept, give, or allow / To declare untrue; contradict
• Example sentence: Although the investigation uncovered ample evidence, the plaintiff does deny any wrongdoing.
ban contradict contravene decline
dispute enjoin forbid gainsay impugn
interdict negate negative prohibit proscribe
rebuff refuse refute reject repudiate
spurn traverse
argue • Synonym Meaning: To put forth reasons for or against / To quarrel vehemently
• Example sentence: Instead, one might argue, there a couple of points which should be considered, befroe a conlusion can be reached.
accuse balk at be at odds with bicker
caterwaul chide complain conflict correct
counter dare debate deviate differ
disagree disapprove dispute dissent fight
fling back frown on gossip hassle hurl back
interject nag object oppose protest
quarrel quibble retaliate revolt at shudder at
squabble tease urge vilify wrangle
lie • Synonym Meaning: A false declaration deliberately presented as being true / An information meant to deceive or give a wrong impression
• Example sentence: Although Mary had lied, the teacher believed it was an isolated incident.
bamboozle beguile betray counterfeit
deceive delude disguise distort dupe
fabricate falsify feign fib forge
forswear make believe mislead misrepresent perjure
pretend prevaricate rig sham simulate

Synonyms for idea

idea aim ambition apperception arrangement
aspiration belief blueprint clue composition
concept contrivance course of action design device
diagram expedient figure format glimmer
goal grand design hunch intent image
inkling insight intention interpretation intimation
intuition maneuver master plan mental picture method
motif notion objective opinion pattern
perception picture plan plot premonition
procedure proposal project purpose resolution
road-map scheme strategy suspicion system
tactics target thought understanding view

agreement accord affinity alikeness analogy
concord congruity correspondence harmony homogeneity
likeness parallelism resemblance similarity uniformity
difference at odds conflict contention contradiction
contrast deviation difference disagreement discord
discrepancy disparity dissension dissidence dissimilarity
distinction divergence division feud friction
gap hornet's nest incompatibility inconsistency strife
unlikeness variance variation


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