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These english synonyms and antonyms for words used in writing has been arranged by categories. For each word (high, above, elevated, superior to, low, abyssal, bottom, beneath, ...) you will find about 10 to 40 synonyms. Antonyms are included in the sense, that the words consists mostly of pairs which have the opposite meaning.

Synonyms for High

high Meaning of these synonyms: Having a relatively great elevation / Extending far upward
Example: The presidents high job ratings may falter in the near future.
above above and beyond aerial aloft
altitudinal beyond elevated eminent lofty
onto over superior to tall top
upmost upon upward of

Synonyms for Low

low Meaning of these synonyms: Close to the ground / Extending far upward
Example: The high cost and low availability of bank loans may result in further economic turmoil.
abyssal base below beneath
bottom cavernous deep down ground-level
inferior to nether squatty subordinate to subsided
to the ground under underneath