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English Synonyms — Words for Look

Words for look, watch, see

Are you looking for a synonym to replace the word look? Well, to look in general means, to direct your eyes towards someone or something. This is an active process, unless you close your eyes. It is usually accompanied by an increased attention to the subject you are looking at. And thus, some of the words used for look, emphasize this inherent activity of consciously observing and/or mentally processing surrounding circumstances. These substitutions come in handy, so do not hesitate to replace this fairly ordinary looking word with one of its more mind-boggling relatives.


look behold blink browse contemplate
descry discern discover espy examine
explore eye fixate gape gawk
gaze glance glare glimpse goggle
inspect leer monitor note notice
observe ogle peek peep peer
perceive peruse pore recognize regard
scan scrutinize search for see seek
sight stare study supervise survey
track view watch wink witness




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