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These english synonyms and antonyms for all kind of action, performing and planning related words has been arranged by categories. For each word (, ...) you will find about 10 to 40 synonyms. Antonyms are included in the sense, that the words consists mostly of pairs which have the opposite meaning.

Synonyms for Do

do accomplish achieve attain bring about
carry out discharge enact execute effect
fulfill implement perform present realize

Synonyms for Make

make assemble build cast cause
compose conceive configure constitute construct
craft create design develop establish
execute fabricate figure forge form
found generate invent knead manufacture
model mold organize originate prepare
produce profile render shape synthesize

Synonyms for Use

use access actuate apply avail oneself
bestow bring to bear consume effect employ
establish exercise expend exploit handle
implement make use of operate put into practice put to use
spend utilize wield




John Langshaw Austin coined the term "Performative Utterances" in his legendary book "How to do things with words". What exactly is meant by the term Performative?