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A short Guide for writing a Personal Statement

Personal statements are probably one of the most challenging works to write on. It’s easy to write about certain person, but when it comes to yourself, it’s quite hard. Personal statements require specific topics so you should really decide well on what topic to take on.

Although personal statements are quite hard to write for some, please take note of this, this specific literary work is about YOU. There no wrong or right ways to write it since you are the only one who know the real you. However, you might want to take on some advice on how to begin it.

If you are applying on a university that does not require interviews, then, your personal statements are your bridge for the application. It is your time to show the good you, present an image that will impact a positive impression on your readers.
To begin with, you need to decide the topic you’ll write on. List down ideas first before making your draft. You could also answer questions that the administrators might have in mind like ‘Is this person qualified? In what course will this person be at his best?’. Also write about your interests, subjects you enjoy the most, what course you want and why and even some personal experiences you’ve had that strengthen your stand on the particular course.

Note: do not forget to write personal experiences because these will help you show the real you but choose those which are on the positive side. This will help you achieve the impression that you want. Skills and interests should also be in your personal statement. Also be positive and interesting. This will make the reader want to read more about you. And lastly, read examples of personal statements to help begin and give a tangible idea of the matter.

These are just some advice that you could consider. Although there are a lot of facts that you could put in your personal statement, the reason why you are writing it is still the most significant part. Also remember that this work is about you, so show what you’ve got to your readers.