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A Day in the Life of a British Child

Hi, my name is Craig. I am English because I was born in England but I am also British because England is part of Great Britain.

I live in a typical English family. I have a father, mother and a sister and we all live together in our house in a town in the south east corner of England. At the back of our house we have our garden where I play with my sister.

My family has a car, a computer, a colour TV and video, a washing machine, dishwasher and a cat. Mum and dad have mobile phones and I am hoping to get one soon.

The day starts at about 7 o'clock when dad and mum get up. My sister and I usually watch telly (TV) in our pyjamas (night clothes) until breakfast. We have breakfast at 8 o'clock. I like to eat Rice Crispies (cereal) and jam on toast. I also drink a glass of milk. My mum usually only has toast, a class of orange juice and a cup of coffee. Dad likes to have a fried breakfast of sausages, egg and bacon.

After breakfast, my sister and I, put on our school uniform. I wear grey trousers, a white shirt and a blue sweat shirt.

We all leave the house by 8.30. Dad goes to work. He works with computers. Mum, my sister and I walk to school. My mum then catches a bus to her work place. She works in a different school as a learning support assistant.

I take a packed lunch to school, which contains things like sandwiches, fruit and a bag of crisps. Sometimes my friends and I swap our food.

My favourite subjects at school are science and history. My favourite topic in history is learning about the ancient Egyptians. I also enjoy PE (Physical Education) lessons - we play football, netball, cricket and sometimes we go cross-country running.

Mum picks us up from school at 3:15. Sometimes we go down town to the shops and, if we are really lucky, mum will buy us a McDonalds Happy Meal. Most days we will go straight home and my sister and I watch the telly or play on the computer.

Dad usually gets home about 6 o'clock. We eat together at about 6.30. My favourite meal is fish fingers, peas and chips. I also like pizza which we have very often. I have to help wash the dishes when I have eaten. I also have to tidy my bedroom.

In the evenings, I usually do my homework before watching more telly. Mum helps me with my homework. My family likes to watch East Enders, and Coronation Street (English soap operas).


I am a Cub Scout and my sister is a Brownie. On Mondays, I go to cubs whilst my sister goes to Brownies. I also go to Karate on Thursdays and my sister goes to Ballet on Wednesdays.

I love cubs especially when we go camping. I like building fires and cooking on them. It is good fun sleeping in the tents too. We usually go camping about twice a year.

I enjoy playing on my computer and skate boarding. I have a pet rabbit called Sooty. I bet you can guess what colour it is? Black of course.

Every Saturday, my family and I, go into town to the open market. People sell vegetables, clothes, toys, posters, and nearly anything else out on the street. Mum buys her fruit and vegetables there. I enjoy just wandering looking at all the things for sale, hoping my parents will buy me something. Sometimes I am lucky.


Written by Craig aged 10 years