Smart Words of the English Language

These english synonyms and antonyms for all kind of language and speech related words has been arranged by categories. For each word (say, said, ask, call, ...) you will find about 10 to 40 synonyms. Antonyms are included in the sense, that the words consists mostly of pairs which have the opposite meaning.

Synonyms for Ask

ask Meaning of these synonyms: To seek advice / To put a question to ...
Example sentence: "He didn't ask us outright if we could leave; he merely insinuated, through his tone and his gesture, that it was time for us to go." (Source unknown)

beg beseech
catechize Example sentence: The CIA agent was eternally catechizing the russian renegade on all kinds of security related subjects.
debrief Example sentence: The authorities have started to debrief the new arrivals, who could make it to the coast.
entreat examine explore
grill inquire insist interrogate investigate
petition plead pled pray propose to
probe pry query question quiz
request spy suggest to

Synonyms for Answer

answer Meaning of these synonyms: A spoken or written reply / Something intended to explain or resolve a problem.
Example sentence: "The answer provoked a look of profound suspicion on Melony's restless countenance." (The Cider House Rules, John Irving)

quip react rebut rejoin
reply respond retort riposte sass
talk back write back

Synonyms for Say

say Meaning of these synonyms: To utter aloud; pronounce / To express in words
Example sentence: If forced to conjecture, I would say the volcano will erupt in 24 hours.

allege articulate assert avow
chorus contend enounce enunciate maintain
mouth profess pronounce speak sound
utter verbalize vocalize voice

The following words all describe manners of speaking or tones of voice (often reflecting the emotional state of the speaker) and should be used when necessary and appropriate.

said babble bark bawl beam
bellow bleat blurt boast brag
cajole cheer choke chuckle cough
crow cry drawl fret fulminate
gasp giggle groan growl grumble
grunt hiss holler howl jeer
laugh lisp marvel mimic moan
mumble murmur mutter muse nod
pant pipe quaver rant roar
scold scream screech shout shriek
sigh sing smile smirk snap
snarl sneer sneeze snicker sniff
snort sob sputter squawk squeak
stammer storm thunder trumpet vociferate
wail weep whimper whine whisper
worry yell

It is not recommended to just use said. Try to balance your dialogue words between said and its synonyms. Said is a mighty verb (to be exact: Past tense and past participle of say)! There are times when it makes sense to use it. Other times, it's a proper idea to select a synonym instead of said. A distinguished writer employs alternatives, often harmonizing the use of similar words. Have a look at some of your favorite novels, short stories, newspaper and magazine articles to help you to dwell further into this subject.

Synonyms for Call

call Meaning of these synonyms: To describe with a word or term / To give a name or title to
Example sentence: When you walk into a room where a lot of people speak quietly, you call it murmur.

baptize brand christen denominate
denote designate dub entitle label
name nickname peg stamp tag
term title trademark




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