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Synonyms for Interesting

interesting absorbing alluring animating appealing
arresting attractive beckoning bewitching bright
captivating challenging consuming covetable curious
enchanting engaging entertaining enthralling enticing
exciting fascinating fetching inspiring intriguing
inviting involving lively mesmeric moving
piquant prepossessing provocative spellbinding spirited
tantalizing tempting

Synonyms for Boring

boring arid banal bromidic characterless
colorless commonplace drab drag drudging
flat hackneyed ho hum humdrum insipid
interminable irksome lame lifeless monotonous
moth-eaten mundane nothing platitudinous prosaic
repetitious routine shop-worn spiritless stale
stereotyped stodgy tame tedious threadbare
tiresome tiring trite un-exciting un-interesting
un-varied vapid wearisome well-worn